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Our Policies (Published October 2011)



Cancellation & Reservation Policy:

To confirm a reservations we require a valid credit card that we will pre-authorize for 25% of the charter, no money will be deducted from your account. Full charter balance will be processed on the boat at time of boarding, please be sure to bring your credit card or cash on the charter, we take all major credit cards except Amex.

All cancelations need to be made in writing within 24 hours of charter to info@CaymanPrivatecCharters.com and we will reply with a confirmation and you will not be liable for balance, other than the non-refundable deposit.
If you do not show on the day of your charter or you cancel with less than 24 hours, we have to process the full payment, as the boat & crew prep will have begun & and we cannot fill the charter with another customer with such short notice. By providing your credit card you have accepted credit card charges as per agreement with the cancellation policy.


Credit Card Policy Agreement:
By providing your credit card you have accepted credit card charges as per agreement within the cancellation policy


Weather Policy:

Charters will be canceled or postponed, at no cost to you, if the captain deems it unsafe or very bad weather including regular lightning and heavy wind/rain. Medium/Light or isolated showers do not constitute canceling a charter. It is typical Caribbean weather to rain in one part of the island and not another, we will do our best to find the best weather.

Some days the wind speed and direction will not make all stops possible, the captain will find alternate stops for you to enjoy, this includes the stingray sandbar. If conditions are not favorable for this stop, Rum Point or Stingray City Deep are the next best options and the captain will take you there.

If captain deems it OK to leave at the start of the charter, and rain rolls in, we cannot offer a refund as Caribbean weather is very unpredictable. If the guests wish to return early and there is no lightning or squall conditions, we cannot offer a refund as it was out of our control.


Prices subject to change and reservations are confirmed with a deposit




8 Great Reasons To Charter your own boat:

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We are a Caymanian owned company striving to offer something different to locals and tourists alike. For the past 30 years the founder of this company has enjoyed the unparalleled beauty of the Cayman Islands & surrounding waters. Water skiing, diving, Rum Point...

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