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All of our vessels are docked at Camana Bay where you can enjoy lunch or dinner before or after your trip as we have arranged special offers with several vendors. If you would like a detailed tour of Camana Bay we can arrange to have one of their Ambassadors take you on a special guided visit.

Stingray City, Reef Snorkel & Starfish/ Rum Point $1,095 $1,695
A Few Extras Price
Solar Explorer is always equipped with coolers & ice, bottled water, sodas, chips and mixed nuts, fuel, snorkel gear and crew  
If your group decides that you’d like a little more time on board Solar Explorer, you can add an additional hour to your tour $250 per hour
We will reserve our Jet Ski for you with Solar Explorer $200
We can reserve the SeaBob aboard Solar Explorer at any time $200 half day & $300 full day
Dolphin Cove Experience can be added to any trip (takes 1.5 hours) and up to 12 people $895 max 12 guests
Add Reef fishing to your day $95 For gear
Add Deep sea fishing to your day – If sea conditions permit $195 For gear
Hire your own on board photographer to take with you for the entire trip $300 half day/$500 full day

8 Great Reasons To Charter your own boat:

Why Choose us?

We are a Caymanian owned company striving to offer something different to locals and tourists alike. For the past 30 years the founder of this company has enjoyed the unparalleled beauty of the Cayman Islands & surrounding waters. Water skiing, diving, Rum Point...

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