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82 Industrial Way,
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands


phone: (345) 945-2389
fax: (345) 945-1734



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Cayman Private Charters

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Please visit our website at to see our Boats, and for our price List and policies. Bookings are confirmed with deposit.

Our boats are equipped with water, sodas, fruit juices, little snacks (chips, mixed nuts, cereal bars) and snorkel gear.


We also offer to pre-book the Services of our professional and personal onboard photographer. Please add this wonderful service to your trip and get the perfect picture taken for your next Christmas Card, or a family fun picture for your office or family room. Let this fun-filled boating adventure with us life on and cherish the memories for years to come. Please see some sample pictures here and just imagine yourself and your family and friends in these pictures

The rate for our personal onboard 'Paparazzi" are USD300.00 on a half day Charter, and USD500.00 on a full day charter, this rate includes professionally enhancing and retouching of your pictures.


A day out on the water including water activities can work up quiet an appetite. Let us cater for you, and enjoy wonderful food creations onboard your Private Yacht and fill your hunger with some tasty and healthy choices.

Our boats are docked on the island at Camana Bay. If you arrive with taxi the closest drop off point is the roundabout by Ortanique (Restaurant) on Forum Lane, if you are driving we recommend to park in the parking garage on Forum Lane. Please see an interactive map for better orientation at


Consider coming early for your charter and/or staying after your boating adventure with us to experience the town of Camana Bay.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at or +345-926-2722 for any further information, requests or questions you may have.

8 Great Reasons To Charter your own boat:

Why Choose us?

We are a Caymanian owned company striving to offer something different to locals and tourists alike. For the past 30 years the founder of this company has enjoyed the unparalleled beauty of the Cayman Islands & surrounding waters. Water skiing, diving, Rum Point...

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