Cayman Stingray City

Deep Stingray City and Stingray City Sand Bar

Welcome to our Stingray City page where you can find out everything there is to know about the amazing Cayman Islands’ Stingrays.

Male stingrays are about 2-3ft from Wingspan and Female stingrays 3-4 ft and weighing about 180lbs

Southern Atlantic Stingrays

(Dasyatis americana)

Female are the largest of the species, upperbody is like fine gray sand paper and the underbody smooth like silk, they don’t have any teeth what they have is cartlidge, and a suction that’s equivalent to 5 heavy duty vaccum cleaners. Eyes are on top, mouths are directly under the eyes at the bottom.

They have a spine down its back area is very rough on the hands, some of them do have stingers, most people believe the stingers is at the end of the tail, but is not, is about 3rd the way down the tail. They only grow one stinger in its lifetime. They give life birth, The pups hatch from their egg capsules inside the mother’s brood chambers, and are born soon afterwards. each creature would pop around 5 to 7 pups, as often as twice a year…. they live for about 40 years, and their top speed is about 40 miles per hour. They have sensors in their wings to detect baby octopus, small crusteceans, and any mussle that grow on shells. They ocassionally eat small fish

In Grand Cayman the Stingrays Swim with divers and snorkelers as they have grown accustomed to being fed, held and caressed by humans. Most of the local Stingray handlers will teach you how to pet them, feed them squid, hold them and kiss them.

Our captain Arthur will give you a “famous” stingray back or full body massage as careful as possible to avoid the abuse of the creatures..

Stingrays are usually docile and curious, their usual reaction is fleeing at any disturbance.



    • Hold the squid in a upright position with 2/3 of it sticking out of your loosely clenched fist as in the picture above!
    • Put the squid directly underneath the Stingray directly below the eyes where the mouth is located.
    • Remember to release the squid when you feel the Stingray’ suction