Why Choose Us?

A little bit about the owner and how the company started…

Bill Baldwin was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and moved to Grand Cayman with his family at the age of five. Bill spent six years of school training at a top American Navy Academy receiving a certification as a Navy JROTC Sailing Instructor. Upon his return to Cayman, Bill continued his families interest in water sports and carried on his fathers’ entrepreneurial spirit, which paved the way for his luxury charter boat business in the Cayman Islands. After buying his first boat, a 32′ Regal, he figured the only way to charge his friends for countless boat trips was to turn it into a Company (a long standing joke about charging friends). It is no exaggeration about the many fun, relaxing and interesting excursions on the water.

In 2008 Bill sold one of his companies to transition from the corporate “Rat Race,” to pursue new business interests he wanted to develop. The crowning achievement during this transition was the formation of Cayman Private Charters. In the early days, Bill’s cousin Richard captained many of the early charters for the company. The company has since grown to include six styles and sizes of boats to cater to our guests’ specific needs. Cayman Private Charters allows you to experience Bill’s passion for hosting wonderful boating day trips in beautiful Grand Cayman.

Bill’s spouse, Bettina, is a holder of the “Les Clefs d’Or, Paris, Golden Keys – Excellence in Concierge Services”. Bettina looks forward to meeting you aboard one of our boats. She brings her passion, winning personality and excellent customer service knowledge to Cayman Private Charters. Bettina is also a certified wine Sommelier and speaks 3 languages.

Our philosophy is simple, our boats are yours for the day. Cayman Private Charters professional, friendly crew and staff share Bill and Bettina’s passion for providing a superior luxury boating experience. We offer a better range of private boating options than any other company on Grand Cayman. Our six boats range from 18′-55′ in length, which allows us to offer different comfort and style options to suit your budget. We have fast, exciting boats for action to slow and relaxing cruising on the water. Some of the packages include: SCUBA diving, fishing trips, snorkeling, Stingray City Sandbar Tours, reef wreck exploring, private dining and overnight trips. Cayman Private Charters is privately insured and has passed comprehensive safety inspections by local hotel vendors, the Cayman Islands Port Authority and Cayman Islands Tourism Board. The crew are CPR certified and are equipped with safety gear onboard all boats. By owning all of our boats, we are able to control the regular maintenance, schedules and reservations of our fleet.

Cayman Private Charters has a high crew to guest ratio to cater to your every need onboard. Our guests rave about the value for money spent, as one of the best days of their lives, often times wanting to stay out longer. This positive response makes the hard work, long days, and investment all worth it for everyone involved at Cayman Private Charters. Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations by having a beautiful experience with us on the water of the Cayman Islands.

Helping with the company is Bill’s Fiancée, Bettina, who is helping the company to raise the bar even higher with her excellent people skills and vast knowledge about customer service, and also a serious passion about what we do. A certified wine Sommeliere and holder of the “Golden Keys – Excellence in Concierge services” Les Clefs d’Or, Paris and speaking 3 languages, Bettina is looking forward to meeting you aboard one of our boats.