Private Diving

Charter one of our existing boats for private diving. We will provide an instructor, tanks and weights at no additional cost.

Cayman Diving

Grand Cayman offers around 365 days of diving every year, due to the way the island is situated. If the weather is rough on one side, it’s usually calm on the other. There are over 200 dive sites on Grand Cayman, we choose our dive sites according to the best conditions.

Wall Dives

Known for its amazing wall dives, the Cayman Islands offers some of the best diving in the Caribbean. The wall starts at around 60 ft and drops to 3000 ft in most places with the north wall plunging deeper than 6000 ft. Turtles, spotted eagle rays and moray eels are often spotted on wall dives.

Reef and Wreck Dives

Inshore from the wall are coral reefs and wrecks. The depths range from 20 – 60 ft. These sites tend to have a lot more marine life, often seeing turtles, eels, rays, lots of juvenile fish and of course the beautiful coral reef.

Cayman West Side Diving

The west side is the most popular side of the island for diving due to the diversity of dive sites, and the dive conditions being practically perfect most of the year. There are dive sites for all levels of ability and all are only a 5 – 20 minute boat ride away. The west side is also home to the USS Kittiwake. There are too many sites to name them all but here are a few of our favourites.

  • Bonnie’s Arch
  • Orange Canyon
  • Big Tunnel
  • Round Rock
  • Trinity Caves
  • Kittiwake (wreck)
  • Paradise Reef
  • Lonestar Ledges

Cayman North Wall Diving

The north wall is best known for its spectacular sheer drop off. Boasting amazing sponges, gorgonian fans and other coral life, the wall is often considered some of the best Cayman diving. The north wall is also home to the spotted eagle rays, often seen swimming along in formation along the wall in groups of up to seven rays at a time. The north wall is also very close to the world famous stingray city dive site. Generally the best time to dive the north wall is in the summer months when the conditions are best. Here’s a few of our favourite sites.

  • Eagle Ray Pass
  • Ghost Mountain
  • Princess Penny’s Pinnacle
  • Stingray City

Cayman South Side Diving

The south side of the island is great to dive when conditions allow. The wall starts quite deep, around 70 ft, so we primarily choose the shallow dives to maximise our bottom time. The fingers of coral extend perpendicular to the shore like the other sides of the island, however their height is a lot greater, creating many caverns, swim through’s and overhangs. Here’s a few of our favourite sites.

  • Kent’s Caves
  • Pedro’s Pinnacles
  • Disneyland
  • Pallas Pinnacles

Stingray City

Said to be the best 12 ft dive in the world, stingray city is definitely a must do! There are around 20 – 30 resident southern stingrays in this area that are petted and fed daily. Whilst feeding the rays a lot of tropical fish are there for the free food and sometimes the resident moray eel will make an appearance too. The best part about this dive is you don’t even need to move anywhere to get amazing photos and video.


The Kittiwake is a 251 ft ex US navy submarine rescue vessel. The wreck is located at the northern end of Seven Mile Beach, close to the Sand Chute dive site. There are 5 decks, and the Kittiwake is 47 ft tall, providing lots to explore. Sitting at around 60 ft, with the shallowest part at 15 ft, the Kittiwake is ideal for both divers and snorkelers. Sunk on January 5 2011, this is Grand Caymans newest dive site.

Don’t have any gear? don’t worry we have everything you would need available for rent

  • BCD & Regulator – $40
  • Mask, Fins & Wetsuit – $40
  • Full Gear (BCD, Regulator, Mask, Fins & Wetsuit) – $65

If you are looking for a non-private dive trip? Give us a call to see if we can get a group together to share the trip with you.